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For students, IBBFA provides training opportunities with qualified Barre Fitness teachers worldwide, both in private and mainstream dance education. Training is available in a wide range of Barre Fitness levels, with qualified instructors located in over 54 countries worldwide.
IBBFA also awards Barre Fitness teaching qualifications and has a certification program for Barre Fitness students and professionals who wish to gain a recognized Barre Fitness teaching qualification.
Beyond Barre Fitness training and examinations, IBBFA is also one of the World’s foremost organizations in establishing Barre Fitness standards of safe, effective, and quality workout regime. We associate to promote excellence in instruction, choreography, performance and teaching. IBBFA nurtures the growth of Barre Fitness education and appreciation of Ballet Barre based workout thought local and international communities.
IBBFA is also responsible for the presentation of the annual High Barre Awards. Little known outside the Barre Fitness industry, the High Barre Award is a highly regarded honor within the Barre Fitness community, as it is awarded to individuals who have made a significant contribution to Barre Fitness. Awards are given in a variety of categories, with recipients including performers, teachers, and choreographers, and also for special services and a lifetime achievement award.
IBBFA issues the quarterly Barre Fitness International Magazine, which is distributed free of charge to all fully paid-up members of the organization and includes important news for the months ahead. This includes information about any changes to the IBBFA examination system, dates of meetings and seminars, general news and other vital information that teachers need.