Why Certification Matters

For Students:

  • A new gold standard. With a dizzying number of options, it can be difficult to compare one program to another in an informed way. IBBFA certification provides a credential based on clearly-defined criteria, so prospective students know what to expect from their course provider.
  • Peace of mind. Even subpar studios can seem trustworthy after the efforts of an expensive marketing campaign. Who can you really trust? Know that your IBBFA Certified studio and instructor have demonstrated third-party validated measures of quality, competence, and safety.
  • Learn from the best. Students want instructors who have completed rigorous training. Just as an academic degree demonstrates concentrated study, so, too, does holding a valid IBBFA certification.
  • For Instructors:

  • Recognized credentials. Independent certification proves to potential clients that you’re at the top of you’re game. Stand out from the crowd with an IBBFA certification.
  • Professional guidance and support. As part of the IBBFA family, we’ll help you develop the skills you need to grow your business and improve your teaching.
  • Confidence. You love teaching and helping your students succeed. That’s why you started teaching barre in the first place. Now you’ve committed to increasing your knowledge and being the best instructor you can be. That kind of confidence inspires others and naturally attracts clients.
  • For Studio Owners:

  • Attract the best. The best students are your best ambassadors. The students who show up at your studio day after day will spread the word about the quality of your program. The best teachers, too, want to work for the best studios. By investing in an IBBFA Certification, you’ll attract the best teachers and clients.
  • Value add. Everyone benefits from learning from industry leaders. Help your clients reach their potential by giving them the most impactful barre instruction possible. The added value of IBBFA certification is clear: tested instructors using proven methods offer the best, safest learning experience.
  • Promote the industry. What’s good for the industry is good for your growing studio. As an IBBFA Certified studio, you’re helping to promote barre as a scientifically-proven training regimen.